We are focusing on developing the three pillars of the decentralized ecosystem. It is our mission to promote awareness and adoption by strategically developing software, fostering a community, and investing in the heart of the infrastructure itself.


Andrew Insignares

A focus on infrastructure, software, technological innovation, cybersecurity, and electrical engineering.

Andrew Insignares is a blockchain and mining specialist, with a background in algorithmic trading, cloud architecture, and software engineering. From Wall Street to Google, his range of experience and skills is diverse and has now shifted gears from large companies to focus on blockchain technology and infrastructure.

Andrew has been mining Bitcoin since 2012, originally from his college dorm where electricity was free. He built a small scale ASIC mining operation at a resident location in Long Island, NY, and has now been researching the next generation of mining infrastructure. It was no longer sustainable to mine from a home office. He is now adopting the infrastructure as a service model (IaaS) as used in software architecture, to supply low cost infrastructure for Cryptocurrency mining.

Jesse Fastenberg

A focus on operations, investor relations, sales, Token analysis, employee relations and greenwashing initiatives of the environment.

Jesse was an early adopter to Cryptocurrency, and has been doing research in the space since 2012. An early bull on Blockchain technology, Jesse is also the founder of Crypto Community Group LLC, which is a networking group that hosts events with hundreds of members from the New York Financial community, and beyond. Additionally, he’s featured on Podcast’s surrounding Token Economics and is a cofounder of YouMineCrypto, which is in the process of releasing its beta for an algorithm that one can mine the most profitable coin safely, from one’s browser directly.

Jesse understands the nuances of Blockchain Technology. He believes that current scalability solutions in development, in addition to creating digital custodianship implementations for less technical clients, will help pave the way to mainstream adoption.




We provide low cost infrastructure to miners, lowering the barrier of entry and enabling a more decentralized future. Our trusted hosting solution and expertise in mining allows us to focus on the core of this great revolution.



LitPay is a complete solution for enabling merchants to enhance payment technology through the use of Bitocin's lightning network, paving the way for mass adoption of cryptocurrencies as digital cash



A think-tank comprised of investors, developers, and ethusiasts alike. With thousands of member and incredibly high engagement, the group acts as a conduit for erudite conversation, exploration, and the seeding of knowledge.


Established by a group of experienced financial services professionals, technologists and entrepreneurs, the mission of Y2X is to be the leading technology driven platform that identifies, finances, and incubates the next generation of transformative ideas and businesses globally. Headquartered in New York City, the company's name and logo signifies its dedication to Ray Kurtzweil’s Law of Accelerating Returns.

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